Industrial catering

Give energy to your workers to empower your business

- I'll eat your employees 365 days a year.
- We will provide hot meals or food for your night shift, because the fed worker is more efficient, happier and more productive.
- We'll stop the extension of the holiday due to queuing.
- You comply with certain of your budget and individual needs and find a solution to meet your desires.
- Will provide a good working environment and motivated team.
- Will express their attitude to staff, which will help define you as a socially responsible company / CSR /.
- We will pay only the food that is up to your quality standard.

Private Hospitals

Eating is a basic biological phenomenon that has emerged on the ground together with the emergence of the first living cell .
In man - the highest and perfect creature also becomes continuous exchange of substances from the external environment of a living organism. This defines the basic biological importance of nutrition for health and for the sick person.

Our goal:
- To assist in the recovery of your patients because food is part of the healing process.
- To contribute to their good service.
- To prepare good food "Helpful, but delicious."

Our experience:
For eight years now we prepare hospital food diets. The food is packaged in individual disposable containers. Each ration is attached packaged device and towel. This facilitates the work of the staff in the hospital, ensure the amount of rations and timely distribution of food.

Private social projects

Who gives in Time,
gives Double

For 13 years, we supply food for various social projects. We strive to satisfy most needs of our entities - business and non-profit organizations in their charitable missions. Participate as sponsors in various social projects.

Private Schools and Childcare

Food is so
Useful but also is very delicious

Our goal is together with you:
- To provide children with proper food, because it is essential for their proper physical and mental development for normal growth and good health.
- Teach them useful like food because the taste is taught.
Our focus is:
Fresh vegetables, fresh produce, friendly technology of preparation, a variety of dishes

More then ten years experience in this activity.

Our advantages:
- Our Senior Consultant. Researcher Prof. Hristo Jurukov is the author of "Collection of recipes for school canteens and cafeterias" and "Collection of recipes with manual feeding of children aged 3 to 7 years old"
- Preparing food in friendly technology through our understanding of the nutrition of our children and modern fitted kitchen.