We aren`t goint to deliver FOOD, that we would not give to our CHILDREN

Designed and built only for food production - we chair, restaurant or garage.

Fresh Produce
- A legitimate and verified suppliers.
- Accompanied by appropriate documentation of origin and date.
- Go through our effective entry control.
- Brief storage at an appropriate temperature regime before investing in production.

Technology Preparation
- better food with modern equipment for steaming, steaming, frying potatoes without oil.
- Traditional Bulgarian spices.

Taste and variety
- Each day a different menu.
- Each dish of the day spend portions consumed by the employees of the service units of our company in order to assess the quality of the food and complete questionnaires.
- Daily do tastings with potential customers. We delight your suggestions for new dishes
- The biggest recognition for us are satisfied customers.

- We have built a system to control the input, production process at every stage of the work and output control of food / and quantity / quality before shipment.
- Records are records of the temperature of the cooking, but the most important is the involvement of staff to policy "we must not produce food that would not give to MY CHILD"
- Without colors
- Without stabilizers
- No preservatives
- Meals- only on pre-order and a different menu every day, which is a guarantee that you eat freshly prepared meals.
- For batter - use only fresh, refined sunflower oil, which is changed daily.

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