Hygiene production
Our company is designed to comply with the principle of flow under cooking - separate separate areas: delivery of products for separate storage - store bread storage containers, store dry products, store vegetables and canned, store hygiene products and disinfectants, waste storage, 6 refrigerated / dairy, white meat, red meat, vegetable, frozen food, food waste / preparation areas: disinfection of eggs for processing white meat processing red meat for fish processing, processing vegetables, hot kitchen, cold kitchen, packing room, expedition facilities for washing kitchen utensils, washing facilities for transport containers.

We have developed standards for good manufacturing and hygiene practices and HACCP.

Sanitary pass
To ensure maximum hygiene have built changing rooms for outdoor clothing, bathrooms, locker rooms for clothing, toiletries and room for food and rest of the staff. Upon entry of the bathrooms in each production worker passes through the gateway suite.

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